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Supreme Court Endorsement

We’re excited to announce the AFT-Wisconsin’s endorsement of Judge Janet Protasiewicz for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. The current court has been governed by a narrow 4-3 conservative majority, but that can completely change by electing Judge Janet Protasiewicz. We have an opportunity to bring an end to the terrible story of gerrymandering in this state, protect reproductive rights, and stop challenges to our elections like those from State Rep Robin Vos.

Sign on here to Get Involved! This primary is just as important as the general election. While there’s a chance


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Plan Your Ballot - Come up with a voting plan that you can follow through on.

Mobilize With the AFL-CIO - Sign up to knock some doors and call some phones with other union siblings through the AFL-CIO mobilization program.

For Our Future Events - Check out all the events happening in your area in the lead up to the election.

Evers Bus Tour - Gov. Evers is taking his school bus all across the state! See when he'll be near you.

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In pursuit of racial equity in our union, our communities, the state, and the country, AFT-Wisconsin supports and stands in solidarity with the work of the following organizations around the state: 

AFT-Wisconsin's "Victory Laps" provide short summaries of AFT-Wisconsin success stories, to provide inspiration and awareness to our locals and beyond, and for locals' use in organizing. Click on the links below to download a PDF: MORE

A guide created for educators, school support staff and service providers who teach, mentor and help open the doors of opportunity for undocumented youth and unaccompanied and refugee children currently living in the United States.  Click here for the guide.