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Take Action

We’re launching a solidarity letter demanding the UW Board of Regents, the UW System, and campus chancellors respect our rights. This letter calls for:

  • Respecting our right to a collective voice

  • Engaging in good faith meet-and-confer discussions

  • Ending the intimidation tactics

  • Preserving academic programs and staffing

UW-Stevens Point administrators have proposed cutting six majors, eliminating the College of Letters and Sciences and terminating tenured and tenure-track faculty. Show your solidarity with faculty and staff by signing this open letter to the Board of Regents. The effort is organized by the UWSP faculty and staff union, Stevens Point Academic Representation Council (AFT #6505). 

United Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS), American Federation of Teachers Local 223, AFL-CIO, thanks everyone who has supported our campaign to end intimidation of workers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

We have exceeded our goal for petition signatures: over two months we have collected, online and on paper, over 500 signatures from supporters on the UW–Madison campus and elsewhere in the UW System, in the state of Wisconsin, and nationwide.

With such broad support, UFAS pledges to continue working to improve the pay, due process rights, and job security of academic staff and faculty at





The Constitution of the State of Wisconsin provides for “the establishment of a state university at or near the seat of state government, and for connecting with the same, from time to time, such colleges in different parts of the state as the interests of education may require.” And state law furthermore calls on the University of Wisconsin “to develop human resources, to discover and disseminate knowledge, to extend knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of its


The status of the University of Wisconsin System as one of the world's premier public university systems is under threat.  As the UW System Board of Regents contemplates the end of meaningful academic freedom, AFT-Wisconsin members around the UW System - academic staff, faculty, graduate employees, university staff - are mobilizing to defend the quality of public higher education in Wisconsin.  Take a stand for UW System students - sign the petition today!

Photo: Phil Roeder, used under a Creative Commons license.


Wisconsin's spring non-partisan election will be held on Tuesday, April 7.  A state Supreme Court race is on the ballot, as well as a proposed amendment to our state constitution and many local races for school board, mayor, and city council.  AFT-Wisconsin, along with other state labor organizations including the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, has endorsed Justice Ann Walsh Bradley for Wisconsin Supreme Court, and a "no" vote on the proposed constitutional amendment to take the selection of the Court's Chief Justice out of the hands of Wisconsin voters.  Justice Bradley has a proven track record of standing up to special interests, and she votes impartially for fairness and justice for the people of Wisconsin.  For more information about local races, consult the Wisconsin AFL-CIO's list of endorsed local candidates - and please share with your family, friends, and neighbors!


When Scott Walker compared 100,000 peaceful protestors - teachers, parents, police officers, fire fighters, students, nurses, and more - to the terrorists in ISIS, it hit home for William Schuth, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a member of AFT local 3220, the UW-Madison Teaching Assistants' Association.  William has created a petition calling on Walker to apologize for his remarks: "Gov. Walker, veterans and service members who risked their lives to fight terrorism deserve better than that. Americans who speak up for their rights deserve better than that. Please, Gov. Walker, show some courage: publicly take ownership of your disrespectful comments and apologize."


Scores of AFT-Wisconsin members joined thousands of union members and community supporters at the state Capitol earlier this week to rally against Governor Scott Walker's latest attack on working Wisconsinites.  As the fight against so-called "right to work" continues, we'll be rallying at the Capitol again on Saturday, Feb. 28.  Join us on the State St. side of the Capitol square at noon to stand up for workers' rights!  Buses will be leaving from across Wisconsin on Saturday morning - click "more" for a full schedule.


So-called "right to work" legislation meant to attack private sector union workers is being fast-tracked through the Wisconsin Legislature this week. Our sisters and brothers in the private sector stood shoulder to shoulder with us when Scott Walker attacked us in 2011; now it's our turn to show that we remain united. Here are five things you can do to take action:


Take Action: Make your voice heard


Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Visit the AFT's Take Action page.